Stop Eating Stupid Shit

How’d I get to this point?

THE Question to ask.

I’m Mark. I eat stupid shit. Don’t act shocked…we all do it. Take a moment and read a bit, maybe you’ll learn something, maybe you’ll chuckle a bit… but hopefully you can realize, I’m a terrible blogger and a worse human, but I love life and hope to help others as I help myself.

How May I Help You?

I’m no doctor or nutritionist, not a diet guru or some MLM sales guy. I’m just a guy trying to help others.


If you’re trying to eat better for any particular reason, it’s best to have a support system.


Don’t be shy to tell your family why you’re not eating this or that…there’s a good chance they need to hear it.


Don’t shy away from seeing your doctor. They may not tell you what you want to hear, but that’s ok.


Every last one of us who struggle with eating stupid shit need to be real about things…why the hell do we do it? Wendy’s has not one damn thing on the menu worth eating for our health…but those nuggets are damn good. That said, walking up a set of stairs is better, yeah?

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