I’m Mark. I eat stupid shit. Don’t act shocked…we all do it. Take a moment and read a bit, maybe you’ll learn something, maybe you’ll chuckle a bit… but hopefully you can realize, I’m a terrible blogger and a worse human, but I love life and hope to help others as I help myself.

My Passion

I’m not about to act like I’m some super health nut passionate about bringing the universe to equalibrium through my health journey. Instead, I feel like the average guy. I do average things most days. But I have a problem…I eat stupid shit and I have a passion to stop doing just that.

You see, I’m not one to act like I’m more gooder than you or anything to that nature, in fact, if you’ve ever felt like you failed at something with your eating or fitness in life I promise I’ve likely done worse. But that’s just it, we’re all in this together. Everyone has their thing they struggle with, it’s how we grow through it that matters. In my pimple-faced high school years I felt like nothing other than a failure. I wasn’t good at ‘sports’ as most think of it. I was chunky and without an athletic build. I didn’t enjoy watching sports or playing video games, so my friend base was pretty narrow.

I’ll do some crappy blogs about my journey though…about my struggles as a teen, a college student, a bachelor, a traveler, a married man, and a dad. We’ll get through it all in due time!

My Goals

My wife will tell you, I’m not a good goal setter. If you’d ask me my weight loss goal, my answer is “yes” because I want to lose weight. Do I have a number on the scale in mind? Nope. Honestly I don’t. Do I know what size jeans I want to fit into? Nope…no clue. I can look up online what I “should” weigh or what my “ideal” waistline is…but I haven’t.

I probably need to get better at this, and at least have something in mind…rather, I think my goal is to eat less shitty food and feel better.

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